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Useful Skills to Talk to Women Online

Useful Skills to Talk to Women Online

Relationship Advice · Sep. 2, 2020

Some men like to say that women are complicated. They are right! Women are complicated. But men are complicated too. Men and women are very different, but we are all governed by basic social rules and norms.


Keep these things in mind and you'll learn how to talk to women online:



So it might seems obvious, but you'll be surprised how many people become disrespectful when communicating online. As a man, you should treat women with respect. That means, no rudeness, no insults, no inappropriate words. Online communication can be hard. So be careful, re-read what you’ve written, and get a feel for the woman and the conversation before getting more aggressive. You might think you're joking, and she might think you're a complete jerk.



More Compliments

Making compliments on an intellectual or emotional level, rather than a strictly a physical level, can take you further online. Many guys lead with "you are beautiful" or "you look charming". It's true that every girl likes to be praised for her appearance, but it is likely that she has heard a lot of such words, and you’ll just look like every other guy messaging her.

Try to mix it up and compliment her for something else. A woman is usually more flattered by her intelligence, her goodness, or her personality than her physical appearance. If you do compliment her looks, make it unique. Call out specific things about their looks—eyes, hair, or glasses—instead of words like beautiful.



Ask Questions

All people like it when someone is interested in them and wants to learn more. If you feel at a loss of things to say around a woman, ask her taste for music, movies or books. Find out what she likes most, what her job is, and even what she wishes her job is. Even asking her what she saw in the last movie, even if she hated it, can lead to a good conversation and help you understand her.



Don't Try Too Hard

Most women don't appreciate it when men come across as arrogant, or as if they're trying too hard to impress. Just take it easy. Don't tell her about all the amazing things you do, what car you drive, or how you just got a new phone. If she is interested, she will notice and appreciate them. If you want to brag a little bit and emphasize what makes you a great catch, tell a story about something cool you did that you think she’d enjoy too. That way it's not just about you.


Having read those useful tips, are you ready to start your online romance journey and find your love?

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