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Onanong , 25
         Hi there, Onanong , 25 years old. I'm coming from Bangkok. I am here looking for Something nice and easy,Something surprising,Something fun and casual,Something promising,Something fun and casual. For more information, please check my profile below. If you think I am the one sharing the same ideas as you do, feel free to let me know.

By Onanong from Thailand

Profile Info
My Personal Information
  • Member ID: L3466551
  • Date of birth: 1996-08-09
  • Height: 167cm
  • Location: Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Name: Onanong
  • Astrology: Leo
  • Weight: 56kg
My Signature
I am a girl who loves beauty.I like beauty and makeup.I like running.I like swimming.I like camping in the wild.I'm kind and natural.I have a mild personality.
Self Introduction
I am a girl who loves beauty. I like beauty and make-up. I like running. I like swimming. I like camping in the wild. I'm kind and natural. I have a gentle personality. I am a beautician, I help many beautiful girls make up every day. When I dress a girl who doesn't look very beautiful, she will be as beautiful as an angel. Looking at his masterpiece will be very fulfilling. I love my job very much. I had a bad love experience four years ago. That love lasted nine months and three days, and it was also a nightmare of my life. In these four years, I came out of my nightmare, and now I need to find a true love,. The love I need must be loyal, honest, trust each other, respect each other. If you feel for me and love me, I will tell you everything about me. Are you the owner of the key that opens the lock of our love? Would you like to open my heart and know everything about me? I hope my prince charming is here.

Onanong , 25

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